GeoBubble Sol Guard Solar Cover

GeoBubble SolGuard 500 is a uniquely design solar cover, launched in 2012 and manufactured from a new style of solar bubble material making the cover outperform other covers and last longer.

The Geobubble is shaped like a figure 8, it is this patented design, where a pair of bubbles are joined together to create a figure 8 that provides 50% more material allowing improved protection against UV and chemical attack. The Geobubble solar covers provide more heat to your pool than any other solar cover and with the new Geobubble design the covers can last 25% longer than a normal bubble cover.
Sol Guard Geo Bubble Solar Cover Benefits:

– The covers contains UV boosters that increase pool temperature by up to 8°C
– Stronger than other covers the Geobubble has no weak spots and as such will last longer than other covers
– 50% Thicker Than Normal Covers
– Extra Protection Against UV & Chemical Compared To Normal Bubble Cover
– Saves You Money
– Cut Heating Bills By 50%
– Unbeatable 6 Year Warranty on Geobubble Covers



The Sol+Guard solar cover will provide a multitude of benefits to the pool owner. Ranging from dramatically reducing all heating and maintenance bills and the wish to help save natural resources, to the practicalities of ease of use and aesthetics.
Sol Guard GeoBubble Cover can add up to 8°C FREE heat in your swimming pool
The two ply layered finish and the addition of UV Boosters, not found in other covers, allows huge solar gain and helping to increase the pool temperature more than any other cover.

Geobubble solar covers provide a multitude of benefits to you the the pool owner. Saving you money in running and heating costs these covers dramatically reduce heating and water lost in evaporation. The Geobubble Sol Guard 500 Cover adds up to 8°C FREE heat in your swimming pool

Part of the unique design is the two-ply layered finish and the addition of UV Boosters, not found in other solar covers, this allows more solar gain than other covers and helps increase the pool temperature more than any other cover.

Why buy GeoBubble?

Eliminate Water Evaporation by 98% +
With water shortages always in the news you can buy a cover that eliminates water evaporation by over 98%, reducing your water bills and heating costs.

The manufacturers of GeoBubble, Plastipack, carried out research, with the Brighton and London Metropolitan Universities. Their results showed water lost through evaporation on an average sized pool, 4m x 8m, is as much as 32,000 litres per year. Reducing this by 98% will make a significant difference to you water and heating costs.

Reduce Chemical Consumption by 30%
A Geobubble SolGuard 500 cover can help cut chemical losses from evaporation by up to 30%.

Reduce Energy Costs by over 50%
The unique design reduces evaporation. Manufacturers Plastipack carried out heat retention tests in collaboration with the Brighton and London Metropolitan Universities, this showed conclusive energy savings of over 50%.

Reduce Debris Contamination
Better covers protect pools from leaves and dirt. The Geobubble sol guard covers help keep debris out of the water, providing massive improvements in the quality of the water.
Save Money
The Geobubble solar cover save money by reducing your water bills, energy costs, cleaning and chemical costs and could pay for itself in less than a year.

Unbeatable warranty, the geobubble Sol+Guard has a 6 year pro rata warranty.


You can buy Geo Bubble Covers at H2oFun